Tech Savvy that Can Get You More Customers

Tech Savvy that Can Get You More Customers

If you are an entrepreneur, being adaptive to technology has become the necessary trait to survive. The big companies have tech marvels of automatization on their side that has surpassed even the most efficient human worker. The dawn of Artificial Intelligence, humanoid robots, and machine efficiency are all the innovations that will change how we do our business in the very near future.

But you do not need to get overwhelmed with those seemingly complicated technologies. Going one step at a time is the key to realistically achieve the great things. You can start by learning tech-assisted trickeries that can get more customers transferring their money to your wallet.

Customer service chatbot

Call center virtualHiring a real customer service requires an office, at least a working desk, and working contracts, and legal liability stuff that will exceed your budget. Customer service used to be the privilege of the big corps. But today, even small startups can afford communication with their customers to be handled and documented professionally with the use of a customer service chatbot.

The first thing to note, a customer service chatbot does help your customers in answering their question. A chatbot is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation that learns how to answer questions by learning from big data of conversation patterns.

The AI can get so advanced, the customers with whom the chatbot has interacted rarely care about it. It is the real implementation of the phrase, “Why bother if you cannot tell the difference?”

Search engine optimization

SEO ServiceJust like the old day Yellowpage and Newspaper advertising system. The businesses that can get on the front page will get the most exposure to the market. But the flaw in that advertisement is that only those who are willing and able to spend the most win.

Search engines, on the other hand, have employed the most advanced logarithm to allow only ‘organic’ sites to appear on their first pages of a search. In brief, those sites get to the top pages only because a lot of people have inquired about their information.

But some services are specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Their task is to bring their client sites to the front pages with whatever strategies necessary, such as Social Media campaign, utilizing buzzers, and content marketing strategy.

Transaction security service

Safe transactionOnline purchase and physical transaction like using a credit or debit card require the third party for ensuring the security. Services likeĀ  BankCard inspect any credit card swept on your magnetic strip reader. The security service communicates with the bank of that issued your client’s card and checks whether there is enough deposit on his/her account. Then if nothing is wrong, the service will grant an approval.

For online purchase, where there is no physical card needed, online payment platforms like PayPal offer digital monetizing for a safer transaction. So both vendor and buyer does not exchange their money directly with each other, but they trust their money to the payment platform instead.



Tim Burton Movie Costumes

Tim Burton Movie Costumes

Tim Burton is a popular Americal film director. He has released some great movies of all times. From great animations to the real life productions. We can say his mind is quite amazing. It is great that he shared his mind with adults and kids.

Tim was born in 1958 and married to Actress Helena Bonham. He has directed about 20 movies and acted more than 10 movies. Some of his movies include James and Mars Attacks, of which all are great movies. From this characters, you can have great movie costumes ideas for Halloween. A lot of them stand out including the following:

Burton movie costumes available

Corpse bride

tvwedc6gwed7u28292This is an animated movie produced in 2005 with regular contributors of Helana Bonham and Johnny Depp. It also brought about two great characters: Emily and Victor. The characters are very beautiful, and costumes available are quite stunning. They are made for both children and adults.

Nightmare before Christmas

This is a fantastic movie that Tim produced in 1993. It brought a collection of the crazy characters in animated musical and two beautiful characters. Some of them include pumpkin king and rag doll. You will these costumes available for amazing couples. In fact, they are ideal for a couple looking for coordinated plan.

Demon barber

This is regarded as an excellent movie that is messed up. It is fun, sick, scary movie. It was directed by Tim in the year 2007. It features a Victorian style of music and a story of a man who murders costumes with straight edged razor thanks to helping of his accomplice. You will find these costumes quite amazing and ideal for a party idea and Halloween.


tgwed6chwed72j2This is a funny and crazy movie. What can you say about this movie and the mental character, Beetlejuice? The movie was produced in 1988, and the main character is Michael Keaton. The character can be described as deranged, obnoxious, perverted, and out of control. The character will make you feel sick or laugh. However, the stunning makeup, looks, and costume can make the perfect Halloween costume or gift.

Edward Scissorhands

Beautiful, intriguing, stunning are some of the words that can be used to describe this masterpiece. The movie was produced in 1990 and starring Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp. It is simply an excellent tale of love. You will find the costume worn by Depp quite stunning. You just need to get the right hair style to show up at the Halloween party.…