A Guide To Online Learning Platforms

A Guide To Online Learning Platforms

Technological growth leads to the improvement of the lives of many people, and nowadays, it is easy to connect to so many individuals without the limitation of distance or time. Through the use of the internet, anyone can send in all types of files to practically anyone else in the world as long as they have the necessary connection to acquire these. This eradicates the burden of having to go to distant, specific locations to search for a needed product—just one click and the convenience of having it will be instantly provided.



The same applies to the problems of students all over the world. The same courses are being taken by a handful at a time, and these individuals take their own notes about the subjects they are under. If one would think of it, the combined resources of these students—be them handwritten notes, class syllabi, video or audio lectures or even their own reviewers—would benefit everyone if shared to all those who needed it. Add these to all the same documents from varying universities, and then there would be a real influx of information that is just an arm’s reach away.


Online Learning Platforms


Platforms such as these are now available, Course Hero being an example. Articles related to the subject can easily be shared, and if a student needs more help by means of computer-generated exams or quizzes, it will be provided. These notes can be made searchable per categories of keywords, topics, and even the universities where these sample course lectures were collected. To be able to access all these documents, a student must also upload from his or her own server, the give-and-take philosophy being closely followed. In detail, a registered user, once there would be a recorded upload of forty(40) documents from their end, can then download three hundred (300) articles in return. There is also an option to ask for the help of tutors or to have flash cards and study reminders be given via email, and these can be paid for by the credits previously purchased by the user, should there be a need for the service.


Free Accounts & Coupons


asdasdasWhile there may be a concern on the financial aspect that can be raised by students who have budgeted allowances, a solution to this has been made. Free Course Hero account is being handed out online to save on the credit purchases for the mentioned website, and users can now enjoy the same services at discounted rates. Examples of these free coupons can allow a user to have discounts of up to $320, get more documents in return, and credits to be gained just by referring a friend to use the educational platform. To get the Course Hero Free Coupons, one just has to enter the promo codes from several websites, these two just being a handful of them: http://www.promocodes.com/course-hero-coupons and http://www.promocodes.com/course-hero-coupons.


Cheating Allegations & Copyright Issues


However, caution must still be followed for these types of self-help products. Allegations of cheating and copyright issues were forwarded due to the spreading of the articles and notes without due permission from the original distributors, and there were also the occasional customer complaints and the steepness of prices on the educational resources made available. Nonetheless, tools such as these have been proven to

What Personal Development Is All About

What Personal Development Is All About

A positive attitude plays a huge role in any personal development plan. A positive attitude is one of the best things you can have in life. Being confident and feeling good about yourself has nothing to do with your physical attributes. However, if you think something is lacking, the good thing is that you can always do something about it. The best way to learn how to make yourself better is to take advantage of personal. Here are some important factors that will see succeed at whatever you embark on.

Have a positive attitude

Have you ever thought about how you approach things? Most people tend to be ASdASdasdsomehow skeptic when trying things for the first time. Positive thinking is one of the most important aspects of personal development. In this regard, you should cultivate a positive attitude if you want to attract or have positive things come your way. A positive attitude is somehow about having some confidence in your abilities.


It is important always to keep yourself motivated when doing anything. It does not matter how hard things become. This is an outstanding quality that is common to successful people. As such, you too should always be striving to do better. If you are worried about starting a business, give it a shot and see how things will turn out. The most important thing is to avoid losing the motivation.

Think about your strong areas

Most people tend to focus on what they are not good at that what they can do. Such negative thoughts tend to be energy sapping, something that makes it almost impossible to achieve. Instead, it can be great if you focus on your abilities and ignore your shortcoming. This has the effect of making you even great at things you never thought you could do. This will also go a long way in changing your perspective about life.

Work on your environment

aSzadcDsTo be effective, it is also important to look at your environment. Ensure that the environment or people around you inspire the best in you. For instance, you should spend your time in the company of achievers or people that can do much better than you. You also need to build a good rapport with everyone.

Focusing on your personality is bound to help you become successful in life. Fill your mind with inspiring thoughts, remain motivated, and surround yourself with the right people. Ideally, personal development serves to turn things in your favor.…

What is homestead living?

What is homestead living?

The feeling of being able to provide everything you need is unexplainable. You don’t have to depend on anyone for survival. What’s more, you get to do things at your own pleasure. This is what is Homestead Living? Members of a family are bound together with the cord of productivity. They each feel compelled to provide and contribute something. This will never grow old as it molds one into a fine member of society. One problem, however, is that this system of life is slowly being abolished. It’s very rare to find people who govern their lives based on what each one is able to contribute. It also involves segregating oneself, so to speak. You don’t have to run your family in the normal way that everyone does.

The benefits of homestead living It’s sad to think that some people still think it’s a primitive way of life. The truth is that there are more benefits than we can number.

These are;


It’s an affordable system of living

Just think about if Close to everything you use is directly from your own sweat. This decreases the amount of daily expenditure. This same money can be useful in other areas such as education.

Homestead living brings out the best side in individuals

This is one way for most people to discover their areas of productivity. For example, one member of the homestead might be good at carpentry. This earns them a free set of furniture. There is unlimited freedom in the number of activities to engage in Each member can feel themselves living out their purpose simply through their immense contribution.

Water and homestead living

Now that homestead living is totally dependent on one’s own effort, same goes for water. The locals have to work twice as hard to ensure that water is safe for drinking. This means that they have to come up with sustainable means of acquiring clean water. On the bright side, they never run out of water as their means of getting water are endless. It can be a bit tricky to determine which one works best.

A noble way of life

At the end of the day, those that have adopted this kind of life are considered wise. This is because they are simply exploring their inner treasures. They are also not allowing themselves to get carried away by modernization. This noble venture has earned them praise from their modern counterparts. Not to mention the fact that they are borrowing a leaf or two from them.This far we have come is because some of us are still practicing what we see. We are not about to stop as there is still so much we haven’t learned.

Homestead living and modernization

3There is a reason as to why the two will never become one The conflicting opinions are too much to bear. Each one of them is a staunch believer in their own way of life. Which is why the two will never kiss and make up. At the end of the day, we both learn to respect each other’s opinions. We also avoid stepping each other’s boundaries.…

Top tips to know when buying a Parc Botannia condo

Top tips to know when buying a Parc Botannia condo

People prefer condos to single family homes and apartments for various personal reasons. For some people, it is because of convenience while for others it is due to the affordability factor of condos over other properties. When you have decided to buy a condo, there are a few things and considerations you need to know. For starters, you need to take your time so that you are able to identify the best Parc Botannia Condo to purchase. Here are the things to know when buying a condo:

Your lifestyle

hgdhd64Condos like other real estate properties are designed and built differently to address the needs and preferences of all potential buyers. Before settling on any specific condo, it is important that you consider your lifestyle. This is so that you can find a condo that suits your lifestyle in the best way possible. If you like living a large lifestyle with the finest things in life, then you should consider condos that come with modern amenities. However, it is worth noting that such condos are more expensive than average condos.


The price and overall cost of condos is influenced by several factors including location, features, amenities and size among other factors. If you want a condo that has high end amenities like modern gyms, a concierge, spa facilities and theaters among other features, then you should have an unlimited budget. Ideally, your budget should guide you on the best type of condo that is affordable to you. If you have a limited budget, then you should confine your search to the more affordable condos; those with standard features and amenities.

Inspect the building

Never buy a condo without inspecting the condo and the building housing the condo. Inspect the condition of the common areas including pools, gyms and kids’ play area. Look at the landscaping in and around the building. If there are any signs and indications of poor management of the common areas, then you should avoid buying that condo. This is because poorly kept and maintained common areas can pose a health and safety hazard particularly to kids.


hgdhgd64If you are considering buying a condo through finance, it is necessary that you consider the financing requirements put in place by the financial institution of choice. This is because banks and other lending institutions put in place strict measures for financing condos than single family homes. There are some financial institutions that do not provide loans for purchasing condos while others charge high interest rates. Due to this, it is important to conduct a detailed research on the best financial institution to use depending on the amount of loan you are looking for.

Take time to look into the best neighborhood to buy a condo in as you will need to be in a safe and crime-free neighborhood to live comfortably. If you have a family, then you should look for condos that are family friendly. Settle for condos in well-developed neighborhoods with good road and communication infrastructure, security, easy access to shopping centers, and other support facilities like hospitals and schools.…

Benefits Of Taking Coffee

Benefits Of Taking Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. According to nutritionists, coffee is healthy, and everyone should include it in their diet. Coffee has lots of antioxidants and nutrients that improve the health of the individuals. Research has shown that the coffee drinkers have a lower rate of contraction severe infections. This is because of the antioxidants and nutrients that keep the diseases at bay. Kona coffee is one of the most popular types of coffee. Learn more about what makes kona coffee unique by clicking on the active link. Let us now look at the benefits of taking coffee.


Improves your energy levels


Coffee helps people feel more energetic since it increases their energy levels. This is because of a stimulant in the coffee that is referred to as caffeine. Caffeine is one of the most popular psychoactive substance consumed worldwide. After we take coffee, the caffeine is usually absorbed into the bloodstream, and after that, it travels to the brain. Once in the brain, caffeine blocks adenosine which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. When this happens, the levels of the other neurotransmitters namely dopamine and norepinephrine will increase leading to more neurons. This is how the energy concentrations in the human body will be increased.

Burning out fat

Another benefit of coffee is that it helps in the burning of fats. Almost all the commercial fat burning supplements have caffeine as one of the primary components. One of the reasons is because caffeine has been studied and proven to aid in the burning of fat. Research has also shown that caffeine boosts the metabolic rate by between 3 and 11 percent.

Improving the physical appearance

Caffeine has been found to stimulate the nervous system which leads to the burning of the body fat. Also, caffeine increases the adrenaline levels in the blood stream. The adrenaline is referred to as the flight or fight hormone which prepares our body for the intense physical activity. Caffeine is responsible for the breaking down of body cells into the blood stream and therefore energizes an individual.

Lowers the risk of Type II diabetes


Lastly, coffee reduces the risk of type II diabetes. Type II diabetes is a worldwide health problem with over 300 million individuals said to be affected. One of the characteristics of type II diabetes is the increased sugar levels in the blood which makes the beta cells incapable of secreting insulin. Research has shown that by taking coffee, the coffee drinkers significantly reduce the risk of contracting the type II diabetes.



Pains, brioche et confitures : le plaisir de faire son pain et ses confitures soi-même

Bienvenue !

Que peut-on faire avec une machine à pain?

Si je vous apprends que l’on peut y faire des pâtes fraîches,

des confitures et des cakes, il est temps de vous plonger dans la lecture de ce modeste blog !

N’hésitez pas à laisser vos commentaires.
Nous recherchons des testeurs et testeuses de recettes !
Partagez vos expériences avec nous !

Gourmets et gourmands, bonne lecture !

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20 AOÛT 2007
Tartine grillée Languedocienne

Le soleil est décidément très timide cet été… Résultat : salades, glaces et autres recettes estivales me font à peine envie. Hier soir, alors qu’il tombait des cordes, j’avais plutôt dans l’idée de déguster une bonne tartine grillée.

J’ai donc opté pour une tartine grillée languedocienne, histoire de m’évader un peu dans le sud…


Ingrédients pour 6 personnes :

– 6 tranches de pain grillé frottées à l’ail
– 25 cl d’huile d’olive
– 200 g d’anchois marinés
– 3 poivrons rouges
– 1 pot de Tapenade noire
– 2 gousses d’ail
– 6 feuilles de basilic bien fraîches

Recette :


1/ Couper les poivrons en deux, épépinez les. Faites les revenir dans une poêle avec l’huile d’olive et l’ail haché à feu très doux.
2/ Retirer la peau des poivrons au couteau.
3/ Recouvrir le pain de tapenade noire, poser dessus un demi-poivron et les anchois. Mettre les feuilles de basilic ciselées.

Servir bien frais et imaginer que vous êtes assis sur une terrasse au pied d’un palmier en train d’admirer un coucher de soleil sur la mer…
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7 AOÛT 2007
Avec quel pain accompagner votre plat ?

Le pain fait partie de notre code du savoir-vivre et du bien manger. Chaque type de pain a un goût différent et une façon bien particulière d’accompagner les mets. Encore faut-il les connaître pour les assortir. Voici quelques types de pains et suggestions d’assortiments :

Le traditionnel pain blanc
Il s’agit du pain que l’on retrouve dans la baguette. Sa saveur douce et fine, sa texture souple en font le compagnon des mets simples et savoureux. Il est idéal pour :
– la tartine du petit déjeuner et du goûter,
– accompagner les salades et crudités, purées de légumes et les légumes verts,
– saucer les rôtis de porc, de bœuf et de veau, les volailles, les filets de poisson à la crème,
– goûter les fromages (camembert, brie, chèvre doux, cantal, emmenthal, comté) et le bon vin…

Le pain au levain
Sa texture compacte et son petit goût acide le rendent capable d’accompagner des mets aux saveurs marquées. Dégustez le :
– trempé dans la soupe à l’oignon, la potée aux choux, le pot-au-feu, en tranches ou en croûtons frits,
– servi avec des charcuteries : jambons crus ou fumés, saucissons, saucisses et pâtés,
– avec du poisson (saumon fumé, filet de hareng et d’anchois, terrine de poissons, poissons au vin blanc cuits au four ou en papillotes, brandade de morue, sardines grillées et l’aïoli de la soupe de poissons…)
– en accompagnement de plats en sauce : petit salé aux lentilles, coq au vin, bœuf bourguignon, cassoulet, côte de bœuf à la moelle, entrecôte…
– au petit déjeuner avec du beurre demi-sel,
– avec …