Common Mistakes Made By Drivers

There are many actions which are done by drivers when they are driving. They include putting on the seatbelts after sitting down, plugging the music before driving and checking the rear view mirrors before backing up. However, there are drivers which are not aware of certain actions which would damage their vehicles. You will find such drivers engaging in some activities which are highly detrimental. They can cause costly and serious damage to your vehicle. The following are the common  driving mistakes made by drivers

Switching gears

Switching the gears when the car is already in motion is another common driving mistake. This will often occur when the driver decides to back up in reverse. This will force the driver to switch the vehicle into the drive-gear even before it stops completely. This habit can easily strip the car’s bands and gears, both of which are important components of the transmission system.

Repairing these damages can very costly. Furthermore, this can affect the ability of the car or the vehicle to switch the gears altogether. You should always disengage the transmission system before switching the gears.

The parking brake

This is one of the important parts of the transmission system which is neglected by many drivers. Drivers operating their trucks or manual cars are always keen to use these brakes, but other drivers ignore their operation. This is one of the major mistakes which can jeopardize the integrity of the transmission system and the parking brake. This can make vehicles parked on an inclined area to roll downhill uncontrollably.

The parking brake is well designed to put a lock on the car’s wheels thereby preventing it from rolling once it is parked. Failure to use the parking brakes can exert a lot of pressure on the transmission system of the car. The parking brake should always be used. This brake should be released before putting the car into drive once again.

Air conditioning

The AC should be shut down after shutting off the ignition system. However, some individuals forget to shut off the AC after turning off the car, starting your car when the car is on can damage the serpentine belt. This can, in turn, overwork your engine leading to costly repairs.


Automotive fluids

Many car owners and drivers will fail to change-out or replace the automotive fluids. This can lead to performance failures and other issues with a vehicle. Fluids such as motor oil, steering fluid, coolant, wind shield fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid, are important liquids and lubricants for all vehicles. They should always be filled, replaced and flushed as recommended by the manufacturer.