Top tips to know when buying a Parc Botannia condo

People prefer condos to single family homes and apartments for various personal reasons. For some people, it is because of convenience while for others it is due to the affordability factor of condos over other properties. When you have decided to buy a condo, there are a few things and considerations you need to know. For starters, you need to take your time so that you are able to identify the best Parc Botannia Condo to purchase. Here are the things to know when buying a condo:

Your lifestyle

hgdhd64Condos like other real estate properties are designed and built differently to address the needs and preferences of all potential buyers. Before settling on any specific condo, it is important that you consider your lifestyle. This is so that you can find a condo that suits your lifestyle in the best way possible. If you like living a large lifestyle with the finest things in life, then you should consider condos that come with modern amenities. However, it is worth noting that such condos are more expensive than average condos.


The price and overall cost of condos is influenced by several factors including location, features, amenities and size among other factors. If you want a condo that has high end amenities like modern gyms, a concierge, spa facilities and theaters among other features, then you should have an unlimited budget. Ideally, your budget should guide you on the best type of condo that is affordable to you. If you have a limited budget, then you should confine your search to the more affordable condos; those with standard features and amenities.

Inspect the building

Never buy a condo without inspecting the condo and the building housing the condo. Inspect the condition of the common areas including pools, gyms and kids’ play area. Look at the landscaping in and around the building. If there are any signs and indications of poor management of the common areas, then you should avoid buying that condo. This is because poorly kept and maintained common areas can pose a health and safety hazard particularly to kids.


hgdhgd64If you are considering buying a condo through finance, it is necessary that you consider the financing requirements put in place by the financial institution of choice. This is because banks and other lending institutions put in place strict measures for financing condos than single family homes. There are some financial institutions that do not provide loans for purchasing condos while others charge high interest rates. Due to this, it is important to conduct a detailed research on the best financial institution to use depending on the amount of loan you are looking for.

Take time to look into the best neighborhood to buy a condo in as you will need to be in a safe and crime-free neighborhood to live comfortably. If you have a family, then you should look for condos that are family friendly. Settle for condos in well-developed neighborhoods with good road and communication infrastructure, security, easy access to shopping centers, and other support facilities like hospitals and schools.